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Your Inner Strength Within Soul is about being confident and comfortable in... 

Rebirth design with phoenix with moon
SOUL oversized tee Rebirth design black back view

Why people love it

We know the importance of staying true to your body type and making sure that you look great in every angle. That's why we've tailored our t-shirts, so they fit perfectly without being bulky or loose on anyone.

We guarantee you SATISFACTION once you own one in your wardrobe! We planned all aspects, from dimensions to manufacturing methods, with different body types in mind. The result is style and durability that looks perfect on you.

  • Designed to style up

    Uniquely measured & tailored t-shirt by Flex Your Idea that gives you comfort and style that last.

  • Tailored to fit most

    Designed to fit comfortably and look great on anyone. Whether you're lounging around the house or dressing up for a night out, our oversized T-shirts will keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable all day long.

  • Express your style

    Enjoy the fit and feel of a stylish, neck-fitting T-shirt. The Oversized T-shirt is perfect for all body types and provides an extra comfortable fit.

  • Long-lasting

    Premium Quality

    (up to 200,000 washes)
    Extreme Comfort

    (Comfortable All Day Wear)

    Keeping You Dry & Cool

    (Wicks Sweat Away From Your Skin)

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